Hip Hop Kids (inglês)


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Hip Hop Kids (inglês) 1TYM
Hooded shirt won't be winter
When another chapter comes, it won't be summer
In one year their jeans become thin
White air force one won't have accidents
When you only have paper and pen rap all day
Don't force the sound to be cool
Don't need nobody cause i do it myself!
(here's anotha one)
Be glad yo, dance around now bust it!
Mark ya move, thug it!
Jeans and timb boots
De ja vu! why's that?
You drew in your dreams a hip hop empire
Now let it rule!

All the hip hop kids all come out and play
Won't wait for them to speak
All the hip hop kids gather round come out and play
My heart does not hesitate
Do you listen to me through your stereo?
My heart beats slow then fast
Turn up the volume on your stereo!
Get it now? now now!!

A-yo are you listening?
Are you glad? (are you crazy?)
Can you feel the sounds?
Flames seem to be breaking out of the speaker
Do you care, no, feel the sounds
What? are you listening?
Please speak up!
Move! throw the balloons around with your hands!
Don't rest to breathe
Turn around and look over there!
Ride with me from yo city to my city
Until morning comes max capacity
My beliefs are becoming stronger,
I'm positive about what i say
We be the varsity!

(who's day?) last year came with a 100 opinions
I'll keep on living, i won't die
Suddenly there's no need to force it
Goosebumps you gave me
Words you shouted
Start to make sense
They came to us before anything else
My hands do a 180 in the blue sky
I'll protect this my whole life with guns and knives!
I won't be waiting, getting grey hair
I won't starve, the time won't come
I'll live my life within the law
You won't learn, now back up!
Born again as a megaphone
Your eyes grow larger
Take my hand and we are free~

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