Pretty Little Lazies

Black Mountain

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Pretty Little Lazies
Shake rattle’ n’ roll your mind
Vibrations in the air tonight
Let’s shiver
Pretty little Leather Anne
A slayer from the high command
Let’s quiver
Shake rattle roll your brain
Echoes swarm around the maze and hither

Tell me just who you are
Flung outta space with your trash guitar

Candy says the past’s no fun
Born to dance or you were born to run
Silver moon hung the stars at noon
Nova flares they could hang you too

Tell me just who you are
Flung outta space from your cosmic pearl
Tell me all where you’re from
Out of flux straight into my world

Eyelids to your nose drip
Prancing in a cold sweat
Synchronizing dreams

Pupils flicker madly
Dilating quantums
There is no end to the black hole

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