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I Wish We Were Leaving
[Verse 1: Bright Light Bright Light]

I wish we were leaving
I wish we were in somebody's car
Going faster
Then we get home
And that would be enough

I'd look at the ceiling
And feel like I was in somebody's arms
Who really loved me
But we won't get that far


Cause you've got your eyes set on something that I don't see
Whenever you smile it's for something that I don't feel
And one day you'll be so good for somebody
For somebody
And one day you'll make somebody so happy
But it won't be me

[Verse 2: Elton John]

[?], big nights
You're showing a sign that you're not alright
Going faster than you wanted
Because it's not enough
So tired of believing
Love's gonna get you through the night
There's no laughter when you take things this far


[Bridge: Bright Light Bright Light & Elton John]

You'll be turning their grey skies blue
Like I'd do for you
If you'd only let me
You'll be dreaming and by your side
There'll be two blue eyes
Where I wanted to be

Don't feel so deflated
These things happen
Timing fails and so
It isn't your fault
So don't look back
You don't need to explain cause


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