He Rode All the Way to Texas

Dolly Parton

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He Rode All the Way to Texas
A Light Shines From My Window
I Just Can't Sleep no More
Lord, It Hurts So Much to Be Alone
But the Real Men Never Do Admit
That It's Them That Might Be Wrong
At Least That's What He Told Me in His Song

He Rode All the Way to Texas
On An Old Freight Train
Didn't Miss the Girl He Left Behind
He Rode All the Way to Texas
Didn't Shed a Tear
He's Lettin' You Know That He's the Movin' Kind

The Freedom That He Sings About
I Guess I'll Never Know
I Just Can't Shake the Guilt Or Kill the Pain
But He Lets Me Ride When the Lights Turns Low
Get On Board the Radio and Take a Ride to Texas On His Train

Repeat Chorus

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Estilos: Country
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