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Furrow Hellions
In these corners like cocoons
Lined with respiring relics
I study phonetics
Subtleties of facial expressions
Were we happy here?
How will it end?
Without a song a man aging got a friend
And the road don't bend.

I am governed by your image
It instills in me
A fraud, a greed, an inability
To remain happy, to be content
'cause there's nobody else I'd rather torment
I want you to do all the things that I couldn't do
... to laugh with the depth of your stomach
Like you used to

Can't you see?
You're growing older too
And time has caught up with you
Can't you see?
I'm growing older too
But I'm not the same as you

I tried to don that heavenly white, and I
Try to dispel the calling of Hyde by night
I feel the summon.
Insidious and negligent, it sullies a man
... like I've never been enough as I am.

I've loathed people that have loved themselves
I can't be happy if I can't be myself
Paranoia controls me
Will you set me free?
... am I enough as I am?

Don't say you love me
Don't say you're sorry
I know better than to believe you and I
Deserve no better
Keep running, faster
You're almost free
Believe me

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Estilos: Hardcore, Metal, Rock
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