Stay The Same

Mayday Parade

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Stay The Same Mayday Parade
Well you said you were embarrassed to be alone in a crowded room with strangers
Hoping someone would come and say hello and be your mighty savior
To take you somewhere else, could be anywhere
Just as long as it is far from here
When the season ends you’ll be all alone
Wondering why things can’t just stay
Stay the same, always
Well I thought it would be nice just to walk with you together through the garden
Trying to hold it all as we went along
Until there was no more room for the pieces that didn’t fit anyway
Though you did all that you could to save them all
There was never a way to save them all
Don’t you change for anybody or anything the way everything else does
Spinning so hard, sometimes I wanna get off of a callous world as it falls apart like it’s got a reason to
I’ll give you a reason to stay

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Estilos: Emocore
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