That's Not Me (feat. D Double E, Tempa T, President T, Sox & Jaykae) [Remix]


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That's Not Me (feat. D Double E, Tempa T, President T, Sox & Jaykae) [Remix]
[Hook: Skepta]
Nah, that's not me
Act like a wasteman? That's not me
Sex any girl? Nah that's not me
Lips any girl? Nah that's not me
Yeah, I used to wear Gucci
I put it all in the bin cause that's not me
True, I used to look like you
But dressing like a mess? Nah, that's not me

[Verse 1: Skepta]
It's the return of the mack
I'm still alive just like 2Pac
Girls in the front row, girls in the back
Spit one lyric everybody's like brap
Flashback to the cold nights in the trap
Now I'm in a new whip counting the big stack
Yellow-gold chains and the diamonds are black
Jack me? Nah you don't wanna do that
Anytime you see me wearing a glove
Boy Better Know I ain't coming to fight like Jet Li
Spray this till the clip is empty
I know you get what I'm saying, get me?
Love for the Gs in the ends
We don't love no girls in the ends
Last time I fell in love with a sket
But trust me, I will never do that again

[Hook: Skepta]

[Verse 2: D Double E]
Nah that's not me
Can't be a wasteman, that's not me
Living at mumsies', that's not me
Them man are clumsy, that's not me
Nah that's not me
In need of a handout, that's not me
I'm not holding my handout, that's not me
That's a dickhead ting, that's not me
Talk to the boydem, that's not me
Informant, that's not me
Spill the beans, nah that's not me
Risk any [?], that's not me
Having a bubble, that's not me
What, you thought it was Double? That's not me
Them man are [?], that's not me
Them man are [?], that's not me

[Verse 3: Tempa T]
Thought I was him, thought I was him
Looking quite similar, thought I was him
That guy there had a box like man
Dem man truly thought I was him
Girls wanna go out to a rave
Take a picture and get likes
Who thought I was him?
None of them operations that I had
Held me back but you thought I was him
Didn't have a box on my head
Didn't have a box on my head 'til the year 06
Guys try hit me I don't know why
'Til I start dishing out chops and kicks in your ass
Start throwing rocks and bricks
Make man take off your socks and kicks
Better know that's not me
It's an actor, [?] your box off clean

[Hook: Skepta]

[Verse 4: President T]
Walk in the room, spray what I like
See on the [?], that's not mine
I was a stereo without the time
Ask me after a strike
I said, that's not right
I don't give a monkeys about the age - skin colour or height
Covered in armour, must be a knight
Trust me girl, not even a slight
Trust any girl, not even an inch
Some are like salt, and I took a whole lot more than a pinch
Wow, I'm from the famous bits
Might come across two or three hypocrites
Girls in shorts, even in splits
Real life stories, that's not me
President T transmits

[Verse 5: Sox]
I always have problems with door staff cuz cuz I hate wearing jeans
I only came to the rave just to grab two gyal I spit one sixteen
Bouncer are asking for ID looked straight in my face and said "That's Not Me"
I was like "fall back my G, manna with Skepta and JME manna serious what ya mean?"
Everybody know me outcha', so I don't need no I.D outcha'
Invasion alert make P outcha'
Rephrase that and to take the P outcha'
Nobody even wants ya to be outcha'
I flew in to especially MC outcha'
Manna roll VIP outcha'
So why's he tryna act [?]

[Verse 6: Jaykae]
Nah nah nah nah, that's not me
Cause I'm putting my city on the map properly
Can't rap properly
Talk about clash but they're not coming out like Black Ops 3 (that's a myth)
Just admit you want none of it, fuck it, spin your whole crew for the fun of it
Want 16 but I'm Stone Cold Stunning it
Somebody ask somebody who's running it
Who's running our, who's running our scene?
[?] It's 2014, I'm ahead of your team
But I had big man scared of our team
If you don't know Jaykae, where have you been?
Choke up a next man, that's not me
R.I.P. Depzman, that's my G
Interview room [?] CCTV
But I'm telling them man that's not me
No way, nah nah nah nah, that's not me

[Hook: Skepta]

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