Your Ghost Is Gone

The Get Up Kids

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Your Ghost Is Gone The Get Up Kids
Is this house a home
The photographs lay on the floor
Time goes by so slow
Every day that I'm waiting
I'm pleading a praying
Just take it away
Don't take it away
I don't know what to do
With these pieces of you
I can't breath from the weight
As I'm trying to say
I don't want your ghost to be gone

Once I heard you say
You only want me to be happy
But how could I be
When I'm lying awake
In the bed that we made
And the walls seem to whisper
They whisper your name
And I still hear your voice
As it cuts through the noise
I'm sure that you're safe
But you know
That I can't say goodbye

Can't throw away
That last pieces of you
Because if I do
You're really be gone

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Estilos: Indie, Rock
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