Leave The City

Twenty One Pilots

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Leave The City Twenty One Pilots
I'm tired of tending to this fire,
I've used up all I've collected,
I have singed my hands.
It's glowing. Embers barely showing,
Proof of life in the shadows,
Dancing on my plans.

They know that it's almost,
They know that it's almost over.

The burning is so low it's concerning,
‘Cause they know that when it goes out,
It's a glorious gone.
It's only time before they show me,
Why no one ever comes back with details from beyond.

In time I will leave the city,
For now I will stay alive.

Last year I needed change of pace,
Couldn't take the pace of change,
Moving hastily.
But this year, though I'm far from home,
In Trench I'm not alone,
These faces facing me...

They know...

They know what I mean.

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Estilos: Alternativo, Indie Rock
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