Unalloyed Regiment

Unalloyed Regiment

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Unalloyed Regiment Unalloyed Regiment
All that I express is not ancillary
A reflection of my narcissism
Proud as hell my allegation
Forever carried for my heroes
The ones who no one recite about
Deformed in history, forgotten gallantry

Fluxing through my veins their victory
A living image of my being
In this day, in your vision
I might be a philistine
Equaling your shallowness
Lifeless primitive

Forever unalloyed, forever me
Unalloyed progenitors created me
In love with them, forever be
A perfect flux for a broken link

In times of pure hypocrisy
I stand above with my adroitness
Dauntlessness, a new race
Utopian repletion

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