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Rainfall Ariadna Project
A rainy evening, I'm all alone
I still hear your footsteps in the dead of night...

The rain is pouring down by the shadows
my soul is drifting lost with the tide
When I shut my eyes the memory of your touch
is haunting me like a ghost in the dark

I wonder where have gone my illusions
if I could only turn back the time
Since you've been gone now, I'm searching for your sight
in every subway and in every street

When you're walking lost in the cold night
in the darkness my absence you'll feel

Walking through shadows and lights
my secret's burning with desire
The truth was found and now the rain will fall
down from my eyes

There was a time when I used to believe
that we were meant to be together as one
But when I saw that look in your eyes
I realized that we were worlds apart.

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