Thug 8 2 Good 4 U


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Thug 8 2 Good 4 U 2Pac
Yo Yo
I'm a Thug
What can I say?
I eat my cereal to start the day
Cruisin' in my 8
Drop it down with the 2
You know who I am cause I'm rappin' for you
I hate Chinese people
I'm going to burn the church steeple
Because I'm so lethal and black
My homies got my back

Chorus: Ugh! UGH Thug 8 2 good 4 u.
Your feet smell like poo
Rosie O' Donnel
Who's that bitch?
Got my 9 in the trunk, gonna tie her to the hitch

Yo Yo Ugh Ugh

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Estilos: Rap, Hip Hop
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