Crown Of Thorns


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Crown Of Thorns
I have failed so many times to become the person
the person that I long to be
perfection, the standard of my everything
unable to realize I bring my fall

perfection, a task not possible
I try so hard, not hard enough
my God, lived without sin
myself, I’m indulged in it

my god how long I will sing this song
and my god how long til I come home?
my god I'll sing until I have no breath
and my god come and take me home

blood stained hands carry my sins
my hands carry no such wounds
your eyes have searched for me
I look away. I look away

I have failed to be the person I strive to be
I fall so short to the expectations
you wore the crown of thorns, as I wear the crown of shame

your eternal sacrifice
has torn a whole inside my heart
I fail to sin, not for the last time
I will rise back up, and carry on

my flaw of the man I shouldn't be
is not the man you died to see
so I'll learn to be who I should be
and give back to you, and give less to me

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