Friendly Free

Blind Pigs

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Friendly Free Blind Pigs
So you're under friendly fire
From friends who wanna help
They wanna make you a stereotype
And put you on a shelf
And you're under friendly fire
From false morality
Your safety is just an illusion
Of your false sense of security

And you lie just to impress
You dream of being like the rest
You got a PHD in kissing ass
Oh boy, you got lots of class!

But friendly fire brought
It brought you down yeah!
Didn't even stand your ground

Now I'm under friendly fire
From my so called friends
When I was down the bastards
Wouldn't give me a lending hand
And I'm under friendly fire
From you and your crew
Just a bunch of pre-fab boys
Telling me what to do

But friendly fire didn't
Bring me down no!
Under friendly fire I stood my ground

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Estilos: Punk Rock
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