Brooke Candy

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I’m a ratchet bitch
Godzillionaire, Godzillionaire, Godzillionaire

I’m a ratchet bitch
Go hard ‘til the casket hits
To y’all that’s talkin’ all of that drama
I’m looking past y’all kids
Because the world know I’m so dope
They holler That’s that shit
They holler Pass that shit
Go out and [?]
I be ratchet bitch
They call me godzillionaire
Got my head in the clouds
Got my money in the air
See me slidin’ round in my town
Top down like I’m the mayor
Just suspend with that basicness
This bitch is rare

I’m a ratchet bitch
I’m bout as bad as bad can get
That’s why I’m tossin’ these lame dudes and all of these half-ass chicks
Y’all bitches get embarrassed
I’m a godzillion heiress
And my whole damn life feel’s like one long trip to Paris
That’s why my bread’s so high
That’s why my cheese’s so thick
That’s why I work it all night
'til the sun come up, don't quit
Voulez-vous coucher with a ratchet bitch
If I talk nasty in the bed you’ll have to pardon my French, oo la la

Okay you came through with that [?] game
I have no time for that now
With that hot breathe and that tirade
Don’t try, boy bye
I can tell you’re not do or die
So there is no you and I
Cause around here that weak shit don’t fly, go cry
Boy bye, boy bye
And I’m sorry for your feelings
I know we all god’s children
But we ain’t all got zillions
It’s not a money thing I’m talkin’ bout
But a mind state or feelin’
And I’m stacking that shit high to god’s ceiling, yes!

I’m a ratchet bitch
I carry a hatchet bitch
Because I’m bad shit bitch

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