Sad Girl


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Sad Girl G.Q.
sad girl,
you look so sad
Did he break your heay?
gee, thats too bad

I guess,
Now you see,
How our love coud be.

Sad girl,
forget that guy
Come on let's smile and,
please won't you try ?

Get a hold of yourself,
Come ond and,
Find you someone else.
(open up)
Open up your heart, girl
(open up)
We canmake a brand new start
(open up)
please don't cry,
just grow up,
And find yourself another guy.

Sad girl,
hold your head up high.
Things are gonna change,
i know it,
As time goes by, because...

That's the way it goes.
everybody knows
Everybody's somebody's fool.
And you're no exception to te rule.

Your days gonna come,
I know it...

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Estilos: Disco, Funk, Soul Music
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