Drop That Sh*t (feat. Problem)

Iggy Azalea

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Drop That Sh*t (feat. Problem)

[Verse 1: Iggy Azalea]
Drop it drop it drop it
My bitches yeah they drop it
I see you on that pole work that shit
I pay for college
Supportin' you I rain on you now drop it like it's hottest

Benji, Benji, Benjamin, my, that's the only topic
Rock, make it rock
Uh, girl bounce that ass, pop it girl, don't stop it
It's D.R.U.G.S. we got cash
I wanna see that ass go

Speed it up now go slow, ass low, ass low money pile overflow
Damn, baby got the fattest ass
I ain't gay so problem is I'll have to pass
Make it clap, so after I can take a bow
Hurricane and your stormin' up the place now


[Verse 2: [Iggy Azalea]
Drop it, drop it, drop it
Bitch I want it, bitch I want it
He throw ones, they don't want it
I got racks'a hunnids, hunnids, uh
Booly got the weed
Treaty got the crees
Peezy got a thousand fifties and Bugatti keys
Do it with ease we drop it like

Autumn leaves, we drop it and then we leave
Broke bitch, please give me a stack of these
Cash money like Lil' Weeze
Joey got them flockin'
They swinging all on my knees-us

Right in your mouth, ho
Keep talking
I got something for your mouth, ho
Where's your man?
I'll show him where his mouth go
Drop that, bitches, listen to how the hook go


[Verse 1: Problem]
Damn, damn, damn, Iggy, Iggy!
Do you see that ho?
That shit, that shit, that shit
Can't do that on Problem's stripper pole

They'll try and climb it if the giant
Little Snicker Bar diamonds, twinkle, twinkle Big Dipper
To all you little stars, it's me, Problem
Problem got some fun, got some change
Threw someone's golfer swing
Clubs and hoes think I'mma put a hole in one for real

Diamond [?] and brought drugs with me pills and that white girl
And I don't mean Iggy
I'm on a war path so the thing with me so you better run son
And I don't mean Diggy
Iggy I know you just got to this light
But that bitch right there so bad you should be bi for one night (at least)



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