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Rah ma bellys hurtin me man
I'm hungry I want some,
I'm hungry and I want some flippin food,
I want some kebab rude boy,

As soon as I step foot in the shop,
I know that I don't know what I want,
Chicken donna, cofty kebab or a lamb shish or a mixd speshul,
Sometimez I get a cofty or some next one I can't say properly,
I'm so hungry I'm bitin' ma lips,
Flippin' hell jus get a portion of chips,
Blud that's too much salt on ma chips,
I've been bitin ma lips are u fik it stings,
I've lost ma appetite lickin' da salt off ma lips,
Throw da chips in da bin,
Normal, walk out da shop,
Don't forget 2 say fankyu boss
(Ey safe safe)
Walk to ma yard
As soon as I land
Go find a toilet and jam

Don't you love it when you get some real good
Not going out on street and eating all of dat junk
All dat take- away and all of dat shit
I want some mac d'z

So I pull up at da drive thru,
They like to call it the McDrive,
I'm waitin there for my food
The lady comes I look in her eyes
I yo, den I start bussin up
At da drive thru I always joke
I ask for a large orange coke
Or sometimes I ask for a small large fries,
(Some chips)
I'm in ma early 20's pushin da wip buh I'm payin in pennies
When you get burgers always check em,
I eat burgers in 15 seconds
Ketchup all over ma face
Secime seeds all ova da place
And if dat wasn't enough to spoil it,
Go home spend two days on the toilet.

Come home and eat some of dat good
After you've been out on road, shottin da
Come and get a big munch,
Munch dat food,
On a eedioit ting rude boy,

Nah man,
I ain't got no pees today so I sit in ma yard and check myspace,
As for usual my belly rumbles
Here comes mum to save da day
I say good after noon
Fix my face,
Den ask mum to fix me a plate
Be polite,
If she's in good mood,
Den I know I'll get some of dat good food,
Rice, plantain buh no acky
I'm nigerian I deal with shaky
Truss me it mite not sound nice,
But I'll boxdat back with brown rice
I ain't on hyp ting eiva
I'll wash it don't wiv a glass of water
And when I fill up my tummy
Don't forget to say fankyu mummy
(Fanks mum, fanks mum)

Good food,
(Good food)

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