Punch In The Face


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Punch In The Face
I've had enough of these fake gangsters,
Like they don't feel pain, never felt pain,
Like they don't have any family,
They havn't fallen in love,
Havn't watched television,
They don't eat and sleep,
They think their waterproof, fireproof, everything-proof,
I just think their idiots,

Punch in the face,
Punch in the face,
Nobody wants a punch in the face,
That's why everybody rolls in a group,
Or with a mash, Or with a baseball bat in case,
They chat waste,
To the wrong person and get a punch in the face,
Now he can't go out with his friends,
He has to jam and shot in the ends,
Shot in the ends, shot in the ends,
Another little kid gets shot in the ends,
Everybody on the TV and the media wanna blame him family and friends,
But true say we all know his family and friends didn't manufacture them skengs,
The govements in control,
And that's why everybodys bored on road,
Bored on road, bored on road,
Another little kid gets boured on road,
What, What who stabbed him?
Everbody knows but no-one disrepects the street code,
Cause if your talk to the feds, your bredrins will go into skeng man mode,
And when they get vexed,
You'll have your hands in the air like your doing a stretch,
Doing a stretch, doing a stretch,
Another black boy is doing a stretch,
Coulda been avoided if he woulda stayed in school and learnt punctuation like Wretch,
But instead he got into beef on road and shot a guy in his chest,
What happened to the days,
When you would just get a punch in the face?

What's the meaning of JME, Jack man everyday blatently,
No, your mistaken see, my birthname ain't escaping me,
What's the meaning of JME, Jack man everyday blatently,
No, your mistaken, my names Jamie, Also known as O-O-D,
Cause If I got a G I'm GOOD,
Plus bare girls know me for the ood,
But I ain't happy with a G, I wanna get HIJKLMNOP,
I member sayin' that when I was 3,
I used to say JKmenamenaP,
My teacher who taught me my alphabet,
Now I'm sellin him Cd's,
Gimme half a chance and I'm sellin' him a tee,
Put on the Tee shirt, tell'I'm he's a G, [? ]
Boy Better Know,
All the girls will try and sweet him up, like he's cinnamon and cream,
Groupie love, yeh that's what I wanna see,
Pull my clothes whilst I'm spittin on the beat,
Buy another tee shirt then, Cause,
Why'd you think their all hollarin at me?

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