City On A Hill


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City On A Hill Salvador
Hold out for the revelation
You’re assured a transformation
You will be a new creation
Yeah, yeah, yeah
He’ll restore you to mint condition
And give you a newfound vision
Fill your heart with a worthy mission
Yeah, yeah, yeah


To the proud
To the meek

To the strong
To the weak
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Brown and yellow
Black and white
You are precious
In his sight
Do it in God’s will
Be a city on a hill

It’s a trip that’s worth the taking
It will heal the heart that’s aching
It’s the truth and I’m not faking
Yeah, yeah

You can feel it in you heart and soul always
It will change the way you see the world every day
Be a soldier of light
A song in the language of love
Yeah, yeah, yeah


There ain’t no reason to be down
Stand like a city free and proud


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Estilos: Gospel/Religioso, Funk, Latino
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