Coast Is Clear


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Coast Is Clear
Ayo Peter!

[Verse 1]
What are the odds we'd even meet?
What does it mean? It's meant to be
Why hug a wall? Why hold a seat?
Not for nothin' but it ain't nothin'
For us to dip out this club right now
Shhh, I think the coast is clear, let's go
Leave our coats and beers, let's go
Leave your girlfriends here, let's go
Leave your hopes and fears, let's go
What you scared for?
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go

[Hook x3]
What's your interest are? Who you be with?
Can I ask a question? Can you keep a secret?
I don't really give a what! What I need to know is
Do you wanna fuck? Do you wanna fuck?
Do you wanna fuck? Do you wanna fuck?

(Let's blow this popsicle stand)

[Verse 1] + [Hook x3]

Dance like it hurts to stand still

[Hook x2]

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