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Headcase The Futureheads
There's madness in your eyes
And you don't even know
I think you've lost the plot
I think it's time to go
And get some help

What do you mean?
I'm feeling great
Just look at the smile on my face
No time to sleep
No time to concentrate
I'm just living like a headcase

Can you please just sit down?
Why can't you take a pause?
Let's count down from ten
There's no-one at the door
It's just the wind

Are you sure?
I'm not convinced
Please check again
I think they're here
I need to sleep
I need to concentrate
Help me!
I'm living like a headcase

It's over now little boy
You can relax and be yourself
But don't forget
How to ask for help


And if you feel
It's coming back
Don't be afraid
Just think about
That you've been through


It's nothing personal and you've done nothing wrong
It feels so natural and it can make you strong
Look at me
I used to be a headcase

Believe me
If I can make it back from the edges of insanity
The centre of the trap so can you
And you can be a head case too!


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