I Feel So Sad This Evening


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I Feel So Sad This Evening
Oh man
I feel so sad this evening
Oh yes man
I know i've been sleeping
But i'm not dreaming
They're closed the door
And the fight
By knockout
No surprises from my mouth

I wish
I wish is could sleep again
They're coming they're coming
All together man
It's crazy
We have no guns
We have no hands
I have no fun

They're fighting now
Inside myself
There's no chances Mr. mad
No surprises death squad

Oh yes
I feel so mad this evening
I've bean just sleeping
And by the time was dreaming
They're closed the door
I woke-up and realized
That's why
I'm gonna try not to sleep now

That's why
I wish i could always be
Oh man
As when i am without me
Be free
No glass but grass to see they faces

Are so mad man

Are so mad man

Are so mad man

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