Crystal Moon


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Crystal Moon Xuxa
Anything can be
Believe in you if you
your faith will give you wings to fly

All things can be done
as sure as be done
your life on spoke you in perfect time

Anything can be
life is made of view in fantasy
kinda’ what you see so many things
like miracles complete you inside the queens

When I look at you
perceive that you apprise as any star
I can have, but see my love for you
But you make uncruel will we are

To my destiny friend
you are perfect diner, perfect friend
but stars we find to be
you don’t have to understand to believe
we so wonder why
you can pass to straight you feel inside
and you can right with me
but you’ve start to believe

Moon up in the sky
shinning in my room
light it up in the night
I see you crystal moon

Moon in the sky
when I look at you
I know you are my guide
I see you crystal moon.

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Estilos: Funk, Infantil
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