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Rainbow Xuxa
I will paint a rainbow filled with energy
If will arch in the big sky for all to see
If we´re seperate or divided
We´ll have colors to unite us
We can be blend into a perfect harmony

When i paint with blue, i get tranquillity
I spread orange for friendships across the sea
With the deepen green we find the answers
To the questions that childreen ask us
So together we can be one color love

Yellow so bright, it became the sun
Violet, dark and beautiful
All the colors are in a rainbow
Red, so intense, very mystical
Purple glows, very magical
It´s complete, it´s a rainbow of love

All the colors we need
So we make up a rainbow of people
All the colors we need
And we make up a rainbow of people

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Estilos: Funk, Infantil
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